20Jul 2020

Quantum Era Economics!

This is disappointing...
Our proprietary Spin-Data Quantum Model analysis suggests that three business leaders Jamie Dimon (JPMorgan Chase), Tim Cook (Apple Inc.), and Jeff Bezos (Amazon Inc.) should use their enormous AI capabilities to understand the current dynamics of business and the economy before it disturbs the financial system. However, up to now they do not seem to be working together. To take full advantage of their capabilities, they must integrate diffusion-flow dynamics with AI algorithms in economics to understand modern Quantum Era financial modelling.

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24Jun 2020

Quantum Era/Ultra-Billionaire Era!

At GIANTAIBI after several years of extensive research, we developed a Spin-Data Computational Model and concluded with an error margin of 99±1 % that this year, 2020, is the Year of Global Wealth Restructuring [1] or Quantum Era or Ultra-Billionaire Era! Ultra-Billionaires Making Money in the Year 2020.

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8Jun 2020

Classical Case Study For Spin-Data

This is a classical case study material to understand Spin-Data Intelligence or Future Quantum Data Intelligence. Decode it!

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6Jun 2020

Global Wealth Restructuring 2020

This is Global Wealth Restructuring Year 2020, not a Great Depression. In Broader view, V-shaped economy recovery is guaranteed. Economist will need to closely analyze financial diffusion-flow dynamics at shifted node in 2021.

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4Jun 2020

Quantum Era, US President Joe Biden!

The Spin-Data Computational Model suggests (99%+-1%) that Joe Biden will be a one-term President of United States 2021-2024. We are looking for investors and investment data due diligence projects to expand our Spin-Data Computational Platform in Palo Alto, CA. Contact Us.

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30May 2020

Spin-Data Intelligence and COVID-19!

The Spin-Data Computational Model (99%+-1%) suggests that the US President should set up a team of interdisciplinary US-based, trusted, and confidential extraordinary scientists and researchers to deep-investigate the origin and diffusion-flow dynamics of COVID-19 worldwide data. This step will be extremely beneficial for United States to handle COVID-19.

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27May 2020

2020 Bubble Investment, Amazon Inc.

The Spin-Data computational Dark Data model conclude (95%+-5%) that Amazon Inc. will loose investor wealth drastically during the period of 2021-2025. Amazon Inc. has loosely connected unknown spin-data variables which do not support company growth.

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26May 2020

Quantum Fintech!

The best time to start AI and Quantum Logic based Fintech is in 2020. Agile Fintech will evolve at new levels.

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18May 2020

World Economic Restructuring 2020!

The IMF needs to work hard and understand Dark Data. Now we are 99 percent confident with error margin of +-1%; the IMF seriously needs talent at all levels. The world should take note of IMF as it seems they are just wasting resources. Need help? Let us know. GIANT AIBI.

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13May 2020

Spin-Data in Quantum Era!

We are looking to expand our "Spin-Data Computational Platform" in Palo Alto, CA for Data Due Diligence. We are actively looking for Partners, Investor, and High Impact Projects. Feel free to let us know!

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4May 2020

2024 US Presidential Election!

Spin-Data computational model (95%+-5%) suggests that Bill Gates, visionary leader, is in preparation for the 2024 US Presidential Election.

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22Apr 2020

Operation Style in Quantum Era!

Harvard University got stuck in Dark Data Problem. They did not re-invented their operation style for Quantum Era! Most of the old management theories are becoming redundant. Understand Dark Data.

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21Apr 2020

Quantum Era!

It is "Global Wealth Restructuring Year 2020", Understand Dark Data Problem, and Start AI based Small Business. Get involved with us in AI, Fintech, Data Science!

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16Apr 2020

Upcoming Dark Data Entrepreneur...

This is good news. Understand and Prepare. Support Upcoming Dark Data Science Entrepreneurs.

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10Apr 2020

World AI Expert?

How we reach this point? Now, we don't see any extra-ordinary predictive intelligence companies and expert publicly saying "We are sorry".

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9Apr 2020

Bill Gates Timeline

Looks realistic timeline. Be cautious and plan accordingly...

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6Apr 2020

Global Wealth Restructuring Year 2020

Dark Data/Global Wealth Restructuring Year 2020. We are at a unique time of civilization where we have the analytic luxury of enormous computational power, technological advancement, predictive data intelligence, and the recently identified dominating phenomenon of dark data syndrome [ref 1].

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3Apr 2020

Invest Strategically

As we concluded earlier, The year 2020 will be known as the Global Wealth Restructuring Year. Please be careful on your investment.

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1Apr 2020

Unite and Explore Future

Stay safe and positive. Help each others, and explore your future options very well.

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28Mar 2020

Stay Positive and Build

Stay Positive and start caring for others. Use your time wisely.

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28Mar 2020

Time for Inventors

People and the economy are highly interdependent. We should all try for a sustainable future. Startup will win, avoid greedy boss.

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27Mar 2020

Global Wealth Restructuring Year

A week ago we (GIANT AIBI) concluded "The year 2020 will be known as the Global Wealth Restructuring Year". The International Momentary Fund (IMF) is still using decade-old theories when trying to understand the global economic eco-system, but the world is evolving rapidly and in a complex way. The IMF needs to hire best and brightest people, those who understand technology and global eco-dynamics, to develop preventive solutions.

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24Mar 2020

Year 2020 Global Wealth

The year 2020 will be known as the "Global Wealth Restructuring Year". Please DO NOT compare it with the 2008 economic crisis; it will be ten times (10x) bigger than 2008 economic crisis. If this problem is not handled properly, a large number of major businesses and even a few countries will go bankrupt. Feel free to let us know if we can organize your data or help you to understand data technology.

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19Mar 2020

Data-Dark Situation and Solution

If you need help to understand your Data-Dark situation to better prepare for the upcoming economic crisis, feel free to let us know; we can analyze your Data. GIANT AIBI--know the future better.

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16Mar 2020

Future Economy

People and the economy are highly interdependent. We should all try for a sustainable future. When people crash, so does the economy.

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12Mar 2020

Quality Life and COVID-19

The high and mighty are always very busy to accumulate Money and Power. Now when everyone may sit alone with some fear from COVID-19, it can be a good time to introspect to make the world a cleaner and better place (hygiene and greed) to live qualitatively all the time.

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5Mar 2020

Data Dynamics and Indian CEO's

Wait one more year. A lot of American multinational companies will appoint an Indian CEO. Look for data dynamics and understand the reason behind it. Talent is only one reason; It's all about timing.

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4Mar 2020

Data Intelligence

Data intelligence will re-invent the human decision making capabilities in the AI Century. Exactly 3 month ago, our algorithms had analyzed the Bloomberg campaign.

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20Feb 2020

An Entrepreneur’s Struggle to Invent!

As I run around looking for potential customers, investors, and other visionary people, some folks I met have asked me, “how is your entrepreneurial journey after a PhD in nanotechnology at Purdue University?”

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1Dec 2019

Future of Data-Dark

The power of Money had a great influence in past, but in AI times, exponential complex data is dictating the terms more than money. Mike Bloomberg took very long to decide to run for president; a detailed analysis of the data including Dark-Data shows extremely minimal chances of winning.

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7Oct 2019

SoftBank Vision Fund? Data-Dark!

In May 2019, when there was lot of noise, i.e. SoftBank, Vision Fund, WeWork and others...[1]. We had analyzed the SoftBank Vision Fund, and we found tremendous amount of "Data-Dark AI" symptoms in their Vision Fund[2], therefore, we concluded that SoftBank Vision need a lot of Due-Diligence.

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19May 2019

AI and Imagination?

Considering global imbalance in Wealth, Population, and rise in Depression epidemic. People unable to understand Data-Dark with emergence of AI, predicting next 20 year is a global challenge. Scientist and Engineer who is unable to maintain their family and society well, predicting 300 year is not even a far-fetched imagination[1].

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24Dec 2018

Data and Bear Economy

Bear Economy, Impact of Exponential Data Confusion. This era of highly confusing data, will create a major loss in Investments. Need help to understand Data, Contact GIANT AIBI.

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13Dec 2018

Rise of AI and Investments

Artificial Intelligence will change the world drastically in coming decades. We need to understand our Investments wisely, and have to prepare to embrace the change. Need help in Business Intelligence. Contact, GIANT AIBI.

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29Nov 2018

Do you Understand Data-Dark Epidemic?

Anytime a big established company do a mass layoff of more than 5% employee, CEO should take a responsibility and resign. As he has glamorous Data Scientist and Business Intelligence Unit? Do you Understand Data-Dark Epidemic!

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28Nov 2018

Data-Dark Epidemic!

Welcoming year 2019-2020 will be a continuation year of Data-Dark epidemic. Data-Dark will create huge number of business bankruptcy and business instability due to alignment of various dark spots in exponential data, and highly inefficient data analytics. Investments will loose its values exponentially. As a solution to this problem, business will need to find spin-intelligence leadership and engineers or choose to slowly extinct away.

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16Nov 2018

Data-Dark Mystery

With an easy access of enormous Data and Business Intelligence. Jeff Bezos is rightly sensing the heat of Data-Dark uncertainty, and planning to be more Data-Vigilant... Good Strategy! Need help to Understand Data-Dark, Contact GIANT AIBI.

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13Nov 2018

Starbucks? Data?

Anytime when such layoff happen, Major responsibility should lies on CEO. Also as Starbucks claimed, just 5% workforce cut will make company nimble and profitable? They should change their Data Analytic Business Intelligence Consultant. Need help to understand Data, Business Intelligence, AI. Contact GIANT AIBI.

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30Oct 2018

Data,Depression & AI?

Nanotechnology was developed to address intricacies in fundamental human needs with a goal of enhancing quality of life; however, the enormous generation of data today is leading to confusion as to which data elements are actually meaningful in life. This confusion perpetuates feelings of anxiety and depression among people, ultimately leading to a depression epidemic.

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22Oct 2018


We are highly interested to know, which Fortune 500 company was providing Management Consulting, Data Analyst, and M&A Consulting to Sears (132 Year Old Company). Who Was Doing Business Intelligence and Data Analyst Services for Sears? Anyone please claim? Beware in AI Era! Most of Premier Data Analyst Company do not even Understand "Data". And, they will never claim you as your client in Public when you go in Bankruptcy.

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16Oct 2018

Nano+AI tech= Education Future?

Extensive research on this topic by GIANT AIBI, we concluded and posted in (March 24, 2018) that Ultra-Scaling of Nanotechnology is bringing Artificial Intelligence to Forefront. Continuous ultra-scaling of devices, AI will dominate and will very hard to contain the risk. It is necessary to train multi-dimensional set of Engineers for Future those who can understand the Spin-Drama of Nanotechnology and AI to guide the proper application of Nano+AI tech in 9 Billion world population.

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23Sept 2018

Launching, AI-Life Score, AI Era

GIANT AIBI Launching "AI-Life Score" Advanced Algorithm to Calculate Individual Overall Performance and Credit Worthiness in AI Era.

We Provide Personalized, Preventive care, Identity management to prevent fraud
Combat aging with next-generation AI and Deep Learning
Based on health, wealth, social, mental and several life parameters

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11Sept 2018

Intel in AI Era?

Now-a-days, I am getting too many consulting request on Intel Corporation, which I Politely Decline. So thought to summarize my opinion in general, Intel Need Extra-Ordinary Scientists and Engineers to Stay in Race... But, problem with current stage Intel Corporation is that they are not adapting in retaining and understanding the curiosity of those best and brightest. They think that the motivation of best and brightest engineers 20 years ago is similar to current best and brightest.

Please try to understand this Artificial Intelligence Era!

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26Jul 2018

Era of Biggest Fraud? Soon...

Welcome to the the era of the biggest investment financial fraud in history (i.e. Era of Artificial Intelligence, Revolving 4-D Data Science). The major reason for this kind of Big Financial Fraud [1] is lack of understanding of the exponential ever-increasing generation of Data and revolving "4-D Spin Dimension Data Parameters [2-3]".

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26Jul 2018

Understand your Potential, Don't just Learn Coding without Brain. Innovate! Welcome to GIANT AIBI

Those who learns from other people sufferings, they try to solve the problem. Sometime when people ask me, I tell people to create sustainable solutions at the peak of their success. GIANT AIBI.

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23Jun 2018

Google, Predicting Patient Die?

Interesting Internet sensation. But, data looks not conclusive, not even mentioned error margin. I think, at this early stage researcher are claiming more than they can really achieve..Note; Even, they concluded it is very early stage research.

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7Jun 2018

Depression epidemic?

Depression epidemic is growing exponentially, and there is a huge demand to address this issue with current and future technology insights. Our team of researcher is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Food Intelligence (FI) algorithm for tackling this global issue. It seems that current way of handling this problem is outdated as it is still using local variables. AI+FI algorithm can provide an intelligent tool to solve the problem in more sustainable way.

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4May 2018

Over 30? You’re Too Old for Tech Jobs in China

I am telling this to many starting 2013, most of the current system is too much selfish and confused. They don't even know why? First, CEO create a worse system and then they start a charity to glorify themselves.

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28Apr 2018

AI Future

AI and its play. AI shaping the current World. Can you see a Future pattern. Are you prepared? Contact, GIANT AIBI

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25Mar 2018

Gifted Children? Myth?

I get amaze when I hear the concept of Gifted Children! I doubt is there any one in the world who fully understand this word very well. Artificial Intelligence will fully destroy the myth. Education will evolve in way that most of the educational institution will have to struggle to survive to stay in race in the era of AI technology evolution...

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24Mar 2018

Nanotechnology+AI tech= Future?

I have said before, that "Ultra-Scaling of Nanotechnology is bringing Artificial Intelligence to Forefront". Continuous scaling on Nanotechnology AI will dominate and will be very hard for people to contain the risk.

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22Mar 2018

Age Discrimination ? or AI Impact ?

Giant AIBI; I think, my advice to all extra-ordinary young fellow that when you will get old, you will need high assistance. But, your retirement benefits and layoff benefits will not be very useful when you will need them most. Think carefully, are your investment (time and financials) safe in this era of technological disruption ?

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16Mar 2018

Spin-Drama: Economy and AI

Prepare for the maximum impact... GIANT AIBI

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12Mar 2018

Recession? Responsible Who?

" I got the impression that a lot of financial systems, investors, and fund managers are not fully aware of the data they are analyzing in one frame; the entire system of analysis is not up to the current speed of data generation and is mostly based on the old referral system, whereas the entire digital age is now based on disruption. Therefore, not all of the funds are secure in the current atmosphere. It is not only the workforce that is at the stake of the technology's evolution, but also the investment of the common people [1], Date Sept 5, 2017." [1]

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23Jan 2018

Spin-Data Marking, GIANT AIBI

In conversation with Dr. Harsh Vardhan (Cabinet Minister of Science and Technology, Government of India). I explained about the Giant exponential amount of data generation, and shortage of data scientist to extract the absolute value from the data. As data science is complex even now when it is relative, and it is going to be ultra-challenging once it is absolute. We both agreed, we need to initiate the process of "Spin-Data Marking, GIANT AIBI" and creating talent.

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5Sept 2017

Are your investments safe in the Era of Technology Evolution?

Evolution of technology and degradation in investments are highly correlated. Technology evolution will disrupt the EQ (Emotional Quotient) and IQ (Intelligence Quotient), and data analysis will not be as simple analysis as it is today. During my interactions with some of the world's best in data analytics, financial algorithms, and across the business domain, I have realized a lot of people are not even aware of the source of the data on which they are working and doing analysis[1].

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* Blog Page Image Source: CNBC